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Ngutunui Enviro School.


We love sharing our learning with you.

We now have a really awesome blog! We just love blogging. Click on the link to see lots and lots of our awesome digital learning.
We love sharing our learning with everyone. Please leave some comments too!
Ngutunui Juniors' Blog.

Click on "Enviro Kids" if you want to see a movie about what we do at our Enviro school.

Click on "Our Digital Learning" to see a movie we made about the Auckland Zoo.
You can also see our butterfly poems and some movies of Monarch butterflies hatching out in our classroom, right before our eyes!

Click on "Our Digital Learning - Kiwi House" to see our awesome stories about our exciting trip.

Click on "Visual Art" to see our amazing artwork that was on exhibition at the Waikato Museum of Art and History.
We also made a crazy movie with our art.
Click on "Keeping Ourselves Safe" if you want to see lots of cool photos of us and our feelings.

Click on "Literacy", "Numeracy" and "Topic" if you want to play some learning games.

Click on "Music" if you want to sing some favourite songs.

We hope you enjoy visiting our Junior Class Wiki!